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Redline Shipping Standards

Temperature Guidelines and Standards

Packaging Live Shipments

Using Heat Packs and Cold Packs

Redline Shipping Customer Service

Shipping and FedEx Information

Redline Shipping Insurance

Billing and Shipping Costs

General Information

Invertebrate Shipping

ALL Standards

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What You May and May Not Ship with Redline Shipping

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Size Restrictions

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Choosing a FedEx Shipping Service

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Which days of the week should I ship?

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Shipping Box Standards for Live Shipments

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Using Redline Shipping Supplies

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Using Your Own Shipping Supplies

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Species that are Illegal, Invasive or Otherwise Restricted

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Why all the fuss about Shipping Standards?

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What is the Lacey Act and how does it apply to live shipments?

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What is a Lacey Act/IATA label and do I need to use it?

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How should I label the outside of the box?

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