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We strive to be the industry leader in providing world class live shipping service. We provide discounted FedEx shipping labels and certified live reptile, aquatic and invert packaging!

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Our Team

Robyn Markland

Robyn Markland

Founder, Partner

I created Redline Shipping and I would love to have your business and support. We have a terrific Redline team, we can provide a terrific experience and world-class customer service. I conceptualized and cofounded All Pro Shipping (ShipYourReptiles and ShipYourAquatics) in 2009, The Reptile Report in 2012, THG Heat in 2014, Redline Science (a product company) in 2019 and now Redline Shipping. I was an owner of Pro Exotics Reptiles, breeding and selling world class reptiles, in the 90's and 2000's. We have a powerhouse team of partners and staff for the Redline adventure, some of the most innovative and successful members of the reptile industry. We went to number one in live shipping in less than a year. I've worked hard (with a great team) to support hobbyists and businesses with The Reptile Report, ShipYourReptiles, and now Redline Shipping. I'm motivated to win your business and support!

AJ Riedel

AJ Riedel

Operations Manager

AJ joined the reptile industry when she began working with Robyn at SYR in 2017, where she quickly discovered a love for logistics and processes. With the help of the FedEx agents who patiently answered her endless questions, AJ has made it her mission to learn how FedEx operates and how to best leverage that knowledge to ensure the safety and wellbeing of animals in transit. AJ lives in Colorado with her daughter and a menagerie of animals, including a California kingsnake, a ball python, a Mexican red–knee tarantula, a dog who thinks he’s a gazelle, and a cat who thinks he’s a dog.

Jackie Bujalski - West Coast (Evening Shift)

Jackie Bujalski - West Coast (Evening Shift)

Customer Service

Jackie has been in the reptile industry for over a decade with a focus on large constrictors through her company Cold-Hearted Exotics. She's focused on tracking down and cataloging historical data on the morphs of Burmese Pythons, publishing it publicly in forums so fellow keepers can appreciate where their beloved snakes come from. She focuses her efforts on teaching keepers new and old. She is excited to join Team Redline. Jackie lives in California and enjoys gaming, Renaissance faires where she is a live-steel combatant, and spending time with her dogs.

Jackie Bearden - East Coast (Morning Shift)

Jackie Bearden - East Coast (Morning Shift)

High Volume Client Liaison

Jackie has been in the reptile industry since August 2020. She has worked extensively in the customer service world for many years. She thrives on building relationships with our client base and problem-solving. She currently does not own any reptiles but loves them and thinks they are super therapeutic animals. Her two favorites are Ball Pythons and Leachies, especially because of their velvety skin, but loves all animals. She currently resides in Georgia with her two boys. When off the clock, she enjoys hiking, camping, going to the movies, and spending time with her kids. She also enjoys art in any capacity and loves to paint.

Ed Komara Jr.

Ed Komara Jr.

Customer Service

Ed is no stranger to the Reptile Industry. ​He fell in love with turtles at age five and has been involved in the Reptile Industry for nearly two decades. His drive and passion for animals propelled him to earn his degree in Wildlife Resources Mgt. He then went on to work/volunteer at some of the top Zoos/Sanctuaries in the country and became the Regional Aquatic Biologist. His company, Komara Outdoors, produces some of the highest quality Diamondback Terrapins in the country. Ed has introduced countless people to Reptiles through his hands-on Traveling Reptile Educational Programs based in NE Ohio and builds new relationships in any way he can. He's a family man at heart who loves his wife and three children. Ed couldn't be more excited to lock arms and join the Redline Team!

Erica Merwin

Erica Merwin

Customer Service

As a dedicated Customer Service Representative on the early shift, Erica brings a wealth of experience in providing top-notch assistance. While new to the world of reptiles, she is eager to learn and excel in this dynamic industry. Beyond the office, she shares her heart with two beloved dogs, Roxi and Clementine. Her true passion lies in spending quality time with her son, exploring the great outdoors through hiking, camping, and paddleboarding adventures.

Tyler Koyne

Tyler Koyne

Customer Service

Tyler lives in the Great Lakes region with his two dogs, Aurora and Apollo, and two cats, Meep and Finley. He’s been in the industry since March of 2020, primarily specializing in plants, working as the Order Fulfilment Manager in the Plant Department at Josh's Frogs for about three years. After three years, he became the Administration Assistant of the Plant Department, where he worked with suppliers to source a variety of plants. He has written the product profiles of new plants, which involved researching all the care and needs of each new plant. You may have seen him at Reptile Expos, such as NARBC shows and Reptile Super Shows during his time at Josh's Frogs.

Matt Hartman

Matt Hartman

Co-Founder, Partner

Matt helps out with customer service on busy days (usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays). He has a background in computers and manufacturing. Matt has called Colorado home since 2000. He enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, glamping, paddle boarding, live music, and micro breweries.

Judy Clothier

Judy Clothier

Director of Communications

Judy has been making her way through the Reptile Industry since around 2005 when she first started researching a pet snake for her oldest kid. Since then, she's been an owner/admin of Ball-Pythons.net, working for years to build it up into one of the largest and best reptile forums of the time. Working with Robyn Markland, she helped develop The Reptile Report and led it as Editor in Chief. She's also worked in high positions in the shipping industry and as the Director of Customer Service at MorphMarket. Judy is now thrilled to be working side by side with Robyn Markland again.

Family Circle

Pangea Reptile

Started by Matt Parks in 2001, Pangea Reptile is a dominant name in the reptile world. A seller of both live animals and merchandise, including their incredibly popular Pangea gecko diets. A company well worth supporting.

LLL Reptile

LLL Reptile is one of the largest online sellers of pet related products and live animals in the U.S. Loren Leigh heads a dynamic team that operates 8 retail stores, a wholesale distributor (Vista Pets) and the LLLReptile.com site. Loren and Robyn from Redline go back to the mid 90's together, both starting with bedsheet covered vendor tables at the San Diego IRBA shows of the time.

JD Constriction

John Dague from JD Constriction is a big brain engineer running a boutique ball python breeding operation with focus on the black and white world of Axanthics. Juan Doggay (as Nicci Markland calls him) works on top secret aerospace tech, and not even Robyn can pierce the cone of secrecy to find out what kind of cool nerd-tech stuff he is working on.

Brian and Lori Barczyk

Brian and Lori Barczyk are two of the busiest people we know. The most dominant force in reptile social media, and absolute pioneers in the field. And a dominant passion for all things animal related- reptiles, mammals, aquatics and more. The Reptarium in Utica, MI has redefined the model of what a private zoo can be.

Reptile Basics

Rich Goldzung of Reptile Basics is one of the most innovative and experienced minds in the reptile industry. His journey has taken him from hobby herper, to pet store owner, to reptile breeder, to product seller, to manufacturer of some of the best selling and most innovative products in the pet industry. From setting the industry standard for high quality PVC cages and racks, to radiant heat panels, thermostats, lighting, hide boxes, heat tape and other industry leading products, his Reptile Basics and Vivarium Electronics brands dominate the reptile marketplace.

Josh's Frogs

Josh's Frogs is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of excellence possible in everything they do. Founded in 2004 by Josh Willard, breeding frogs in his garage, Josh has built an industry leading company, one of the largest in the industry. Josh is one of the best business minds we have, and his high standards and expectations are reflected in the world class execution and delivery of his team.


Brian Potter and Bob Ashley have worked hard to create the premier reptile trade show series in the industry. The flagship NARBC shows in Tinley Park, Illinois, each Spring and Fall, have set the standard for professional presentation and strength of vendor, animal and merchandise presence.

The Bio Dude

Josh Halter is a pioneer in the world of bio-active substrates. His passion is natural vivarium ecosystems. He strives to help each customer create their own bioactive, enriching, self-cleaning, natural ecosystem in their animal's homes. BioDude products are designed to make your animals healthier and happier. Josh has intense passion and an infectious spirit. 100% someone to watch in the world of captive animal care.

Redline Science

Redline Science is a sister company of Redline Shipping and manufactures a line of innovative and popular products including stainless steel tools, cleaning scrapers and tools, and laminated heat tape.


MorphMarket is the premier online reptile marketplace, providing services that support and advance the herpetoculture industry. MorphMarket connects breeders and keepers in the largest marketplace of its kind in the world. They promote the efficient, legitimate, and ethical commerce and keeping of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.


Redline is going to be the industry leader in live shipping! Join the team!

Brian Potter


Working with Robyn at Redline has been a great experience. He has always been a true professional and with Redline being a huge supporter of USARK I will continue to support and use this service. The site is simple to navigate with two layout options. One is more detailed to help novice shippers needing extra guidance and the other is a streamlined version for experienced shippers as well. Much appreciated!


Ball Python Shed

When it comes to shipping a living animal why would you want to sacrifice customer service and response time for a few dollars? That’s why I’ve decided to use Redline Shipping for all my shipping needs! Redline Shipping has a proven reputation for being attentive and supportive for all your shipping needs including supplies! Shipping reptiles can be a stressful experience for all parties: buyer, seller, and the animals themselves. Robyn and the Redline Shipping team have proven to be the leader in customer support; they are there to answer all your questions and also help in selecting the appropriate packaging for your fauna to ensure that the shipment process is stress free for all parties!

Matthew Most


Redline's focus on customer service and responsiveness is bar none the best shipping service in the industry. Coupled with the services they offer and the competitive pricing I see no reason to look anywhere else for a company to entrust my shipments to.

John Dague

JD Constriction

Redline shipping brings a new, stress-free way to safely and securely ship reptiles. With a website at peace from unnecessary distractions, that’s well-equipped with appropriately streamlined tools to use, shipping our precious animals has never been easier. If you’re like me, you want things to be straight forward without obstructions that pull you from your ultimate focus. Redline’s website allows me to book shipments fast and compile them all into one place where I can checkout, pay and print in a single shot. It’s efficient, it’s fast and I’m able to execute a busy day of shipping in one fell swoop. On top of this, the customer service the team provides is top notch with real results provided by people who actually want to work. That’s a true rarity these days. We’ll be staying with Redline.

Chris and Casey Leone

Garden State Tortoise

Excellent customer service. Easy to use portal for ordering quality shipping supplies and arranging your next shipment. Redline Shipping is the way to go!

Alliey and Chris McAra

Giantkeeper Reptiles

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