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The rates shown here do not include potential additional fees or surcharges as a result of optional services (such as delivery notification) or FedEx charges (such as residential delivery). For the most accurate quote, please continue to the full Book a Label process and enter your complete information.

Inaccurate shipping information WILL result in additional charges. To avoid this, please make sure that the provided information is correct.

Animal Shippers, please note for the safety of the animal and integrity of your shipment:

  • Live reptile shipments must be sent through PRIORITY or STANDARD OVERNIGHT service, Monday through Thursday only.
  • Do not ship in extreme weather. Do not ship reptiles when the daytime high is above 100 F or below 38 F. Weather forecasts are available during the booking process.
  • Proper heat pack usage is critical. Using heat packs incorrectly can kill your animals. Please refer to our guidelines for more information, and if in doubt, don't hesitate to reach out to Redline Shipping support.
  • NO VENOMOUS REPTILES! Mildly venomous or brain melting deadly: NO VENOMOUS REPTILES!
  • NO DRY ICE! Dry ice is classified as a hazardous material, no matter the quantity.
  • What you do affects us all, and our future to keep, sell and ship live animals. Be responsible, advocate positively for the live animal hobby and industry.
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